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Gifts Under the Tree


The greater Clio community has joined together to offer an opportunity for low-income families and seniors. The Christmas in Clio experience is designed to provide families and senior citizens with holiday support. Families with children up to age 18, if still in high school, may apply to receive assistance with gifts, food, and household items from the Christmas in Clio program. Senior citizens may apply for food and household items.


Completed applications must be received prior to December 1, 2023. Children must be living in the household and listed on the application when submitted. Children may not be added at a later date. 

If you have signed up with another agency, you are not eligible to apply for Christmas in Clio. 

Who is Eligible to Apply:

    1. Families in the Clio area who are eligible for free or reduced lunch.

    2. Seniors 60 years of age living in the Clio area who receive commodities and/or total yearly
        household income is $18,954 (household of 1), $25,636 (household of 2), or $32,318
        (household of 3).


How to Apply: 

    1. Must submit an application online through the website.

    2. Must provide a form of identification such as a driver’s license or state ID with a photo, as well
        as proof of residency that matches the address on the ID.

    3. All applicants must have proof of all members living in the household. Accepted items include a           school id, birth certificate, social security card, school communication (note from school, report
        card or progress report, etc.), or another piece of identifying information.


    4. Names and dates of birth for children in the household are required so that assistance with toys         may be provided. 


    5. Proof of income – W-2 forms, payroll stubs, or proof of enrollment in any of the following          
        government programs:  WIC, TANF, SNAP, SSI, Medicaid, Section 8 Housing, or School
        Lunch Program. 


You will be contacted once a representative has had an opportunity to review your application.  


If you have signed up with another agency, you are not eligible to apply for Christmas in Clio.

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